Saturday, August 26, 2006

Kiddi to France

Giving the bike the once over the day before departure.

Man and bike ready for the off.

The not so nice road to Redditch.

A much nicer road through Oxfordshire.

The quickest way to Dover is straight across London. Don't bother trying to plan some complicated route around London, just go straight through it. There are plenty of bike lanes, it's flat and the best way to experience the sights, sounds, smells and noises of London are on a bike.

Getting very hot and sweaty battling through London rush hour.

Queing up with the trucks to get on the ferry.

Calais: Why the French allow it to exist is beyond me. I spent hours trying to get out of this hell hole but kept coming up against the motorway. Then the sun started to set and it started to rain. I had no other choice but to pitch the tent in a clump of trees about 5 meters from the motorway. The worst campsite ever? This was view from my tent in the morning.
The only way I found to escape was to pound 5 km down this motorway in the early morning.

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