Saturday, August 26, 2006

Making my Way

After years spent thinking about it, dreaming about it and reading about other people doing it, its time to try and do it myself. This blog is about a bicycle ride from my home town, Kidderminster in England, to somewhere east of here. Route and even destination are unplanned, I've called this blog Kidderminster to the Caspian because I have some idea to get to Baku, Azerbaijan but where i'll end up and how I get there I don't really know. Winter is coming and the world seems to be falling apart so who knows.

To answer some questions I always get asked. I will be travelling alone, cycling about 120km a day and mostly sleeping in my tent.
Istanbul was always going to be my first destination. This map shows the general idea. Day dreaming will only get you so far, I can say that after 3 weeks on the road the hardest thing i've had to do was to actually leave.


Anonymous said...

Is this working?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Andy says: Go on me son all the way!! Don't stop to you reach China. Me old china.

Matt Says: Watch out for those bears and bandits in those there hills.

Gaz says: Keep dancing on those peddles and grin and bare those chafing thighs.

Jen says: You mad Iraqie bastard.

Anonymous said...

Ham those animals were probably sniffing around you because they thought they could smell one of there own kind. Keep going mucker and good luck for the next leg of the journey, next year you'll have to go on unicycle.

nick said...

That was me above, mr nigel no name vegetable.

Anonymous said...

Matt- Can we have a photo of these much talked about thighs of steel?

rob thomson said...


Great info on your blog for a fellow cyclist like me. I imagine it will be colder in Europe when I am there, but the routes you have described sound great. I look forward to cycling some of them!