Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm in Istanbul

Bulgaria: very hot, lots of mountains and very beautıful. It really is as nice as everyone says. I only sliped 450km down the eastern side. The big mountain ranges to the west must be something. I crossed with no problems into Turkey at Malko Tarnovo. Camped that night in hills, 200km from Istanbul with only shepards and goats for company, I was ready for a final push to Istanbul but it wasn't so easy.
The next day a strong wind picked and was blowing right across me. At first I went straight into it with teeth bared but it blew me off the bike and I had my first bike crash in years. Shit! I hurt my leg quite bad, it was painful to pedal after that and it was just too dangerous to cycle in that kind of wind. To cut a long story short I pushed, dragged and cycled the bike for a day and a half finally calling it a day and hitching the last 50 km to the city limits. Imagine dragging a fully loaded bike up a steep hill with a swollen leg, the wind blowing hard all around you, 20 tonne truck after 20 tonne truck screaming past, sucking you into the road while dogs come running out to yap and growl around your ankles.
One continent crossed, 5 weeks and 4000km closer to where ever i'm going. Ill rest up here and try to sort out visas before heading east again. Istanbul seems like one hell of a city. Heres a pic.


Colin said...

Looks like your having a great time.

Keep up with the blog as it brighten up a dull Brum

Anonymous said...

I hope you're Strong.
Because, we are waiting for you in Thailand.
take care.