Thursday, September 14, 2006

Still in Istanbul

You know you need a new tent when this happens.

And you definatley need a new rack when this happens.

This is called Kidderminster to the Caspian so I better get to the Caspian. I'll leave here soon follow the Black Sea to Georgia then onto Baku, Azerbaijan.
After that I don't know. I have a (very expensive) Uzbek visa but how i'll get to Uzbekistan I don't know. It looks unlikley i'll get permission to cross Turkmenistan because of the Independance day celebrations there. What better way to celebrate independance than restrict the movement of foriegners into your country eh. If you strain your eyes you'll be able to see Georgia and Azerbaijan on this map.


Anonymous said...

Lai yang jing jign jao. U r fucking baa. Anyway have a good time and save trip.

Miss you my best friend jao


deadly said...

How did you solve your broken rack problem?