Sunday, December 03, 2006

First Taste of China

Looking at the map it seemed the G212 "national highway" going south would be a flat, busy road running through a developed part of the country. It's turning out to be a quiet road snaking it's way over some not unsubstantial, remote mountains. In some of the places i've passed through even the adults are too shy to speak with me but once they realise that I won't eat them everything is fine. Spent most of last night autographing school children's homework and having my photo taken with an endless stream of visitors to my "hotel" room.
The last 4 days have been the hardest, coldest and most fun in months, i've only managed 260km, which speaks for itself. I don't know how cold it's been, cold enough to freeze a freshly boiled bottle of water in a couple of hours. Hasn't been too much of a problem but I can't believe that this time last week I was considering cycling across Xinkiang, I would have died.

The Chinese are a very shy lot. They never shout or whistle or even say anything unless I speak first. They just stare....silently. I'm back below the snowline tonight but what lies south of here is anyone's guess.

(A few peolpe have asked for more photos of me....fools, here they are.)

Climbing the pass. When it's not winter all those steps cut into the side of the mountain must be farmed. Impressive no.

Making the pass.

Going down the other side.

Children running at the sight of me.

Not suprising when I look like this.

The cheapest 'hotel' yet, 3 Yuan.

Entertaining guests.

The rural Chinese are a tough lot. Could you imagne your granny doing this?


Dan said...

Nice hotel! Glad to see you've found a place that meets your high standards. Keep on peddling - it's still a long way to Bangkok! Most of all, enjoy the rest of your trip.

Anonymous said...

alright enough of these boring 'holiday snaps', we want some photos of those pedal pumping piston-like bare legs of yours! Sean

Ham said...

A photo of my legs would never make it past your firewall.

rob thomson said...

Good to see you are trucking along there Ham! Nice pics. My first day of real cold riding had me in bed with a 40 degree fever...although I think other factors are at play - seeing a doc here in Azerbaijan soon.

Anonymous said...

Keep those sweaty pants on and you'll never freeze to death.

Anonymous said...

keep on keepin' on Ham, i want you to make it to aussie land before summer finishes otherwise the "conquering of the nullabor, by pogo stick" might be difficult during winter. i also tried researching other peoples blog sites to see if any one has tried any similar journeys, but alas, no one has done anything like it. It seems we'll be pioneers and famous heroes my boy!!
p.s summer finishes in march here so pedal like you've never pedalled before. Aussie john

Anonymous said...

to sean, you're a filthy former long haired cunt. remember i'll be in london in late jan early feb so we might have to have a few sneaky pivos..... oh the cut of that. and kajsa, did you know that your name means king in german? handy piece of knowledge that! i must go i have axe to grind, vengeance for soojy, jobs done.

Anonymous said...

Dude!!! Not even mudguards!!!!!
You're a brave man, or a loony.
How bout a brave loony.
Amazing trip tho'.
Glad you made it home.