Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Welcome to the Jungle

Knnnnnnnnnnnnnnn knees knees

So long then China and farewell Dong Feng, may you rust in hell.
50km of the smoothest tarmac I have ever ridden on takes you from the Chinese border to Luang Namthaa, the first sizable place in Laos. You have to see it to believe it. A sleepy village in the middle of nowhere with 10 guesthouses, 4 internet cafes and a population of about 50 backpackers. When you consider that on my whole bike ride here from England I have only met about 20 other travellers that is pretty special.

The road to Thailand is currently being upgraded (by a Thai/Chinese group) in a bid to create a stable trade route. Completion is set for March 2007, I wish them luck. At the moment the 200km to Huai Xai is about 25% finished, the rest is a sandy, rocky, pit/construction site. It is for the most part rideable apart from a few nasty stretches where the diggers are in action and some nasty climbs where the road is deep sand and its happy pushing to the pass. There are no cars in Laos..OK there are some but not many, I loved it and I will return.

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